Dr. Jacqueline Piay

Dr. Jacqueline, a very happy and friendly physician, graduated from the Medical Faculty at The Christian University of Indonesia in 1990, and she has been with Angsamerah prior to the clinic doors first opening in 2010. Dr. Jacqueline has had experience as a general practitioner with clinical experience in primary health care and specializing in sexual and reproductive health (SRH), including HIV & AIDS. To add to her clinical experience Dr. Jacqueline brings to Angsamerah experience working with public health programs and management of life and health insurance.

Aside being a physician, she is in charged of overseeing the operations of both clinics, to maintain the quality and high standards of both the sights, including, but not limited to; guaranteeing consistency between clinics, upholding cost efficiency (both time and money), insuring there are systems in place to attain repeat customers, and finally, to adhere to the quality of guest specialists in the clinics.

Dr. Jacqueline is proud to have helped cultivate both Angsamerah Clinics and to be awarded a certificate for CST (Care Support Treatment) Training for HIV. It is her goal to help vastly increase the clinics patients, increasing its daily average, while helping Angsamerah Institution’s project consultancies in providing technical assistance on training, clinical bedside teaching, and contributing as resource person from Angsamerah Foundation for various social events that bring benefits to society.

Although Angsamerah is already improving people’s awareness of SRH issues, it is Dr. Jacqueline’s overall ambition for society to associate Angsamerah -a stigma free, judgement free clinic- with STI/HIV every time.

Dr. Jacqueline favours the work environment at the Angsamerah Clinics as it is a happy, family orientated environment, which prides itself on employee’s ability to speak English. These strengths are reflected in patient’s feedback.

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