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Angsamerah Institution

Aside from its clinics, Angsamerah provides a wide variety of services aimed at public and private organisations ranging from public health consultancies to educational trainings and workshops to companies staff, schools or communities.

We design and manage public health projects, develop innovative and tangible concepts and models for delivering health care for program developments or business investments through specific technical and strategic inputs.

We provide trainings on reproductive and sexual health including HIV and other sexually transmitted infections to health care professionals, as well as on setting up and managing medical practices and improving skills about strategic thinking and interpersonal communication.

We also provide in-house doctors for companies eager to dispense more accessible medical services to their employees.


As part of the mission, from The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Emerging Infectious Diseases (AIP-EID), to heighten the leadership capacity among the veterinary profession in Indonesia, Angsamerah Institution developed and implemented, together with the Directorate of Veterinary and Quarantine, a series of training modules to strengthen the communication skills of groups of managers from the national veterinary services. The 3-phase trainings have been conducted from August to December 2014 and covered the following key elements: a) Positive character building, b) Communication skills, focusing on presentation skills and meeting facilitation, and c) Project management. Read More

In February 2014, a partnership agreement has been established between UNFPA and Yayasan Anak Bangsa Merajut Harapan (Angsamerah Foundation) for the implementation of UNALA Program, a private sector-led SRH services model designed specifically for youth. UNALA is the UNFPA’s initiative and piloted in Yogyakarta with Angsamerah Foundation as the implementing partner. Yogyakarta is a province in Indonesia, which has a large proportion of youth, with many universities and a mix of rural and urban youth (15 to 24 years old) Read More

Training and technical assistance to a selection of physicians from private practices in Yogyakarta as part of the UNFPA program on Social Franchising Approach (2013) Read More

Technical assistance in developing the National MSM Logical Framework for National AIDS Commission in order to find and implement the best strategy for its MSM program (2013-2014) Read Report

Development of a high quality, affordable and replicable clinic model for reproductive and sexual health in south Jakarta in partnership with SUMII, USAID (2012-2014) Read Article

Management support for ASHM’s project (Australasian Society for HIV Medicine) with IDI (Indonesian Medical Association), Salemba and Pemuda Prisons (2013-2014) Read More

Training on Syphilis Clinical Management for 17 Puskesmas in DKI in collaboration with provincial health office (2012)

Technical assistance in collaboration with National Army Hospital to develop National Practical Clinical Guidelines for Army Hospitals in Indonesia (2011)

Training on STI and HIV for the staff at Carlo Clinic, a Catholic Private Hospital (RS Carolus) in Jakarta (2011)

Low cost program for HIV and other STIs diagnostics and treatments for MARPs in Angsamerah’s clinics thanks to a partnership between Angsamerah Foundation and DKI provincial AIDS Commission and provincial health office (June 2010)

Training and technical assistance in collaboration with British Petroleum and Yayasan Sehat Papua in setting up a STI clinic for Puskemas in Bintuni Manokwari, Papua (2010)

dr. Nurlan Silitonga, Angsamerah Institution, Menteng, Jakarta - Klinik Kesehatan Pria dan Wanita

Angsamerah Institution is a private organisation established in 2007 by Dr. Nurlan Silitonga, a sexual and reproductive health physician with more than 20 years experience in international clinical research and public health consultancy working in collaboration with organisations such as UNAIDS, USAID, AUSAID, World Health Organisation, the Indonesian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

The institution, consisting in a wide network of Indonesian and international medical experts and specialists highly experienced in their respective fields (public health, research, technical assistance, teaching and mentoring), primarily works towards improving the Indonesian health care system by providing public health consulting, creating innovative models for delivering services and training health care professionals.

Angsamerah Institution values innovation, quality, partnership and its long-term vision is an Indonesia in which all people are free to express their sexuality; are empowered to take responsibility for their sexual and reproductive health; are well informed; and are capable of easily accessing services.

Klinik Yayasan Angsamerah, Jl. Panglima Polim Raya 6K, Blok A, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12140 +62 21 724 7676 +62 812 9056 4940 (sms/wa/line)
Angsamerah Clinic, Jl. Johar 6A, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10340 +62 21 316 0251 +62 856 8445 709 (sms/wa/line)